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Oct 13

Important – Attention: Please read this license agreement (“License”, “Agreement”) carefully before using a memoQ product. Installing, copying or otherwise using this product means that you confirm that you have read this license and that you agree to be bound by and comply with its terms. If you do not agree, install, copy or use the product, please also delete all copies of your computers and notify memoQ support ( that deactivates your license. 23. The user may not create and distribute software products of any kind using components or application programming interfaces of the product. This license may only be used for the user`s own productivity purposes within the user`s organization and related businesses. If the User intends to create independent software products using the components of the Product, the User must contact memoQ Ltd. to enter into a separate redistribution or partnership agreement. 29. No liability for third-party services: When using third-party modules or services, the user is in direct consultation with the author, distributor, owner or operator of the modules or services. memoQ Ltd.

is expressly released from any liability for the operation of third party modules or services. However, if memoQ is informed of damage caused by a module or service of a third party, it will make every effort to prevent further damage or to prevent the future use of such modules or services. 7. The product is intellectual property protected by copyright and related rights. memoQ Ltd. represents and warrants that it is legally in possession of the rights of use granted and that no third party has such rights that would restrict or block the rights of use granted therein. If a third party claims to have such restrictive claims, memoQ Ltd. will intervene directly or through an authorized representative to defend the legal rights of the user. These conditions explain who participates in this agreement. Fairlingo is a web service created to mediate between translators (“service providers”) and translation buyers (“service buyers”) via the Internet. If you wish to be registered, transact with other members and use the services available on the site, please see the following terms.

This Agreement may be modified by Fairlingo at any time. It is the sole responsibility of the user to check the current version of the agreement from time to time. The user waives any claim regarding this problem. The use of the services is strictly prohibited to minors or people who are not yet their age in their country and are prohibited to people under 18 years of age. If you do not present your age, your registration as a member will be cancelled. By using the Site, you confirm and warrant that you meet the age limits. If you register on the site, you will be prompted to create your own profile. Your profile may contain, among other things, “personally identifiable information”, such as.B.

Your username and email address, as well as other general information you wish to disclose about yourself. Upon successful registration, you will become a member of the Site (a “Member”), and as long as you remain a Member, you agree to abide by the applicable terms of this Agreement (the “Terms”). If you only visit the Website and do not register as a member (a “User”), you are nevertheless required to comply with some of the terms and conditions of this Agreement….

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