Sample Collaborative Agreement Nurse Practitioner New Jersey

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Oct 05

You or a cooperating physician can meet with the chair of the hospital`s certification committee to get information about the current state of privileges for advanced care practices. The New Jersey State Nursing Association is the organization that advocates, supports and lobbies all nurses, including New Jersey NDAs. Contract – A contractual agreement is not mandatory, but can avoid any misunderstanding. Elements include: responsibilities, salary, personal leisure (leave, sick periods, etc.), sponsorship and provision of paid time for continuing education, educational resources and benefits (e.g. B magazines, conferences, treatment error insurance, life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, retirement, profit sharing, etc.). Keep in mind that 30 hours of contact in continuing education are required for apN recertification every two years. These contact periods must not be exclusively pharmacologically linked; The prerequisite is that the training be linked to the practice of the AFN and that it encompasses pharmacology. Prezeptorschaft – Once you have practiced for two years, you may be approached by a student nurse or faculty member to give a bias. This is not a small responsibility. The following guidelines are proposed: integration into practice – staff and patients should be informed that the addition of an advanced practice nurse will improve services. Copies of articles that assist in the use of professionals may be provided to staff and patients. An information sheet on apns is available

Brochures describing advanced practical care can be obtained from the American Academy of Practitioners Only (AANP) Both the nurse and the doctor need to discuss how patients are introduced to the concept. These guidelines were developed to provide a resource for advanced practice nurses (APNs) and their employees in the state of New Jersey. . . .

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