Bccci Main Agreement

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Sep 12

Hello, please, you can help me with the pricing for 2019 through The cornerstone of the HR City Group is certainly Personnel Management Services (PMS), not only because it was created first, but also because of the type of service provided, namely to provide our clients with relevant and up-to-date information and advice in the constantly evolving field of labor law. This is the area in which most employers need help, as it is a highly specialized area. Very often, and this has proven itself repeatedly, a purely legalistic approach and context is not enough to succeed. Practical experience is a crucial element in this area. Let`s make sure your employees receive timely pay slips that comply with the law, or even make sure they`re paid so they don`t have to worry. We will procure or recruit your staff. Thanks to our staffing solutions with our affordable and competitive prices, we can find the right candidate for your holiday…

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