Advantages And Disadvantages Of Service Level Agreements

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Sep 08

“If, in this climate, you`re not able to reimplement these [security] practices from scratch, you won`t succeed,” says David Bixler, chief information security officer for Mason, Ohio, Siemens Business Services, which offers hosted IT services for giants such as Intel, MetLife and Kemper Insurance. “Selling a hosted exchange or web hosting service or another service provider now means you can`t just sell the service,” he says. “You have to sell the security around it if you want serious companies to work with you.” For service providers, SLAs should contain expectations for availability and availability, security response and alerting, security personnel qualifications, and patching time. The SLA should set penalties for non-compliance with these requirements. The most controversial aspect of security SLAs may be the right to audit, which often involves the right to scan another company`s networks for vulnerabilities and require them to be patched. The company that purchases a service often pays for scans that are shared with the ASP or development company. In every company, we always say to ourselves: “The customer is always right.” In other words, any expectation that the customer has is written in the Service Level Agreement or SLA. The SLA generally describes the essential services provided to clients and describes their responsibilities to ensure that each concept is A-compliant. Customer feedback is one of the reasons why products and services are constantly innovative. Although SLA has some advantages and disadvantages for customers, it always comes down to what was agreed before the contract was signed. But how safe should service and software providers, especially small startups, be? How is this measured and how can a counterparty ensure that its requirements are met? The provision of guarantees to clients signed in a document is part of a necessary maturation for information technology.

The relationship between the parties and service providers is beginning to increase credibility and goes beyond good results. ICI`s Simmonds says he`s very excited to use Qualys, a vulnerability assessment service, to scan the networks of its business partners. And it gained more than a little leverage from these weekly reports on all external web connections. The relationship between companies and IT service providers is not always the most informative and calm. Service providers can often provide less than promised, while customers may need more than expected. To avoid unpleasant surprises and increase transparency in relations between companies, it is necessary to establish a service level agreement. A fully open and reciprocal discussion is essential for the effective structuring of a service level agreement that is beneficial to all parties involved. This is what will determine: for example, if a company selling in cloud computing sets a minimum availability of 99% of the platform`s uptime, the customer has a clear measure to evaluate the service.

An SLA or service level agreement is a form of contract between a service provider and a user. It defines the nature and level of service expected by a service provider. SLAs are documents that are output-based and define some measure of performance and remedy if an agreed performance has not been met….

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