Usje Collective Agreement

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Apr 14

PSAC has successfully negotiated compensation for damages in Phoenix, which is significantly better than the employer`s agreement with other federal bargaining partners. Last year, the PSAC rejected the government`s meagre offer of 5 days of cash vacations, which was not enough and would have rewarded those who earn more while penalizing workers who earn less. The current agreement provides for a fair and equitable lump sum payment of $2,500 for PSAC members. A component also represents its members on issues such as classification issues and working conditions that are not already covered by collective agreements, as well as on all other issues that concern them exclusively within the separate division/agency/employer. Other improvements to the PA collective agreement: What is a union? A union is a group of organized workers who collectively use their strength to have a meaningful voice in the workplace. Through a union, workers have the right to influence wages, working time, benefits, occupational health and safety, workplace training and other work-related issues. Copies of current collective agreements for USJE members can be viewed by clicking on the specific bargaining group below. In the coming days, when the final text and all the details of the preliminary agreement are available for the PA group and common issues, they will be shared with membership. Members of the Palestinian Authority are invited to participate in online ratification votes shortly thereafter. Voting details will be released as soon as possible. When THE PSAC negotiates collective agreements with “separate employers,” these contracts are also taken into account. Unlike the provisional agreement for negotiations on the Ministry of Finance, which PSAC members are expected to vote on in the near future, the Phoenix Damage Agreement required ratification by the NATIONAL PSAC COUNCIL. On 3 July 2020, the Council voted unanimously in favour of the offer.

In a victory for federal public servants who supported Canadians across borders during this pandemic, PSAC reached an interim agreement that provides fair wages, no concessions and improved working conditions for the 70,000 members of the PA group and the common affairs of the Department of Finance. Most of our members are covered by negotiated agreements between the Treasury Board and our negotiating partner, the Public Service Alliance of Canada. PSAC combines similar classification groups. The following lists indicate which classifications belong to a particular group. Please note that the Board of Directors moves away from the “Table” nomenclature and identifies employees as members of the group. Collective agreements will not be updated until they formally enter into force, after both parties have “signed” the document in question. The current 15 components of the PSAC, complaints and complaints involving their members within the separate division/agency/employer, including complaints against a collective agreement at the adjudication level. Component functions can be delegated from time to time to the PSAC center by any component that requests support or service. What is unionization? Unions are legal entities whose mission and responsibility is to negotiate collective agreements on behalf of their members and to represent their members in the event of a breach of the collective agreement.

Psac/USJE assists its members not only by submitting complaints, but also by consulting employment services at the local, regional and national levels.

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