Third Party Access Agreement Ibm

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Apr 13

To provide a professional service, these companies must employ experienced product specialists. In Origina`s case, all engineers are former IBM engineers, so they know exactly what they`re dealing with. Third-party software support “works” easily when it comes to your old IBM applications. Ibm Third-party softwaresupport is not a task for IT generalists – that`s why you need a specialized partner to maintain your applications and servers. Just because a third-party support provider is not linked to IBM doesn`t mean its engineers are less qualified. In the end, alternative software support works because it benefits your business. With reduced maintenance costs, more efficient support frameworks, fully flexible contract terms and access to a team of IBM specialists, there`s absolutely no reason why a third-party service won`t work. The alternative software support service is tailored to your needs, not to IBM`s profit-hungry shareholders. Third-party software support works easily” With the technical issues resolved, the CTO should be more than satisfied with the service offered by a third party. But the CFO is also benefiting. For many software asset managers and CTOs, IBM`s software support alternatives can be very attractive – at least on paper. Fewer contractual costs, no forced upgrade cycles and an agreement that makes your company responsible for its own IT destiny are extremely compelling arguments for third-party support. Far from bothering, a third-party IBM support contract optimizes contract management, simplifies the settlement process and reduces your costs.

Reducing overhead costs and making it easier to notify problems is the opposite of “stress.” For older applications, it is often not necessary to cover 24 hours a day – the next working day may be more than enough or you may need product know-how as part of the service. IBM is generally reluctant to offer this type of contract – but another software support provider is much more flexible in its operation. However, if you need full coverage, a third party can continue to help. Third-party support is an unknown amount – which is why your IBM account manager will suggest that dealing with them may be more difficult than you think. But the reality is quite different. Calling a software support call is actually easier than using IBM. You usually have a one-stop shop when you call a z.B support call. This means that you can record a problem, and the same technician will see the problem until the end – and thus avoid the usual communication problems when the engineer`s calls are forwarded to the technician. Whether you`re a small company that covers a single EOSL server or a company that needs support for your vast portfolio of server and storage devices, thomastech needs to look back for any IBM. Don`t hesitate to ask us for our IBM support and support contracts. Our customer transparency and specific oEM expertise set us apart from other IBM maintenance support providers. Call us or fill out an offer form to see the difference for yourself.

To learn more about why originas works the alternative software support rules for your business, please contact. Depending on your Service Level Contract (SLA), IBM will provide service requests to one of our support engineers who will open a service ticket and start troubleshooting within 4 hours. A case manager will then be assigned to your application for the entire process. If you need additional support, IBM experts with specialized expertise are called upon to assist you. However, show these temptations to your IBM account manager and expect to get a tough sell on the evils of software support alternatives. Given the annual maintenance contracts, which make up a large part of IBM`s annual revenue, it`s no surprise that they`re doing everything they can to keep you on board.

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