Telecommunications Franchise Agreement

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Apr 13

Franchise refers to an agreement between the city and a fellow who grants a privilege to use public roads and utilities within the city for purposes, for a specified and term award. I. Make sure telecommunications operators are a safe and wise investment in the city`s infrastructure, while giving the city the opportunity to respond to new industry developments when the franchise is renewed and by changing its regulations. [Ord. 1086 No 2, 2000.] B. A description of the telecommunications services that the applicant must provide or provide through his telecommunications equipment. Unless the city is directly and directly caused by intentional, intentional or malicious acts of the city, the city is not liable for damage or loss of a public telecommunications facility as a result of or related to public works, public improvements, construction, excavations, yards, traffic jams or works of any kind in public by or on behalf of the city. , or for the resulting resulting damage directly or indirectly. [Ord. 1086 nr. 39, 2000.] 5.10.550 Application of existing regulations and agreements. “private telecommunications network,” a system, including the construction, maintenance or operation of the system, intended to provide, directly or indirectly, a service or part of a service owned exclusively by a person for its use and not in the context of resale. The “private telecommunications network” includes services provided by the State of Oregon in accordance with the provisions of ORS 190.240 and 283,140.

2. Complete any amendments to this chapter or other applicable provisions of this Code adopted by the City since the final granting or renewal of the franchise, depending on what is later. B. The authorization is only valid if the assignee or purchaser has demonstrated that he or she has the legal, technical, financial and other qualifications required to own, maintain and operate the telecommunications system in accordance with this chapter. C. Non-compliance with JCMC 5.10.220 with respect to the sale, transfer or disposal of a telecommunications or franchise system. B. De minimis, the use of public roads related to the establishment of a wireless telecommunications facility. Any application for registration as a telecommunications operator must be accompanied by a non-refundable deposit fee of $100.00.

[Ord. 1086 Nr. 7, 2000.] “telecommunications equipment,” the facilities and equipment used by a telecommunications operator to provide telecommunications services. The royalties provided for in this chapter and all allowances that are billed and paid for the use of the public manner provided for in this chapter are not a tax and are independent of all federal, regional, municipal and urban taxes that may be collected or affected by a telecommunications operator, its customers or subscribers or because of the lease. , the sale, supply or transmission of telecommunications services.

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