Central Heat Collective Agreement

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Apr 08

Article 416. Responsibility for conciliatory procedures Fraud and non-compliance with the agreement as a result of a conciliate procedure completed A fixed-term contract is terminated at the expiry of the term of the agreement. A staff member must be notified in writing of the agreement no later than three days before termination. If a position described does not exist and the worker refuses an offered job, the employment contract is terminated in accordance with section 77, paragraph 7, of this code. Article 50. Registration of the collective agreement, contract A worker has the right to terminate an employment contract. The worker must notify the employer in writing of a dismissal at least two weeks before the dismissal. A training contract enters into force from the date specified in this agreement and applies within the time it is concluded. The labour arbitration procedure is a temporary labour dispute review unit set up in case the parties to this dispute have agreed in writing to the mandatory implementation of their decisions. A written copy of the claims can be forwarded to the class dispute resolution department.

In this case, the service is required to verify that the other party of the collective dispute has received the claims. Procedures for the deadline for drafting the draft agreement and its conclusion are decided by the Commission. The employer carries out vocational education, retraining, continuing vocational training and learning a second profession within the organisation and, if necessary, in elementary, secondary, higher and complementary educational institutions, under conditions and in the order defined in the collective agreement, employment contracts and employment contract. Parties to the collective dispute may appeal the organization`s decision to set the minimum of the services required for the organization, the subsidiary, the representation. The transfer of the employee to another workplace within an organization, the transfer of the employee to another organizational structure department in the same region, and the order to work on another machine or aggregate are not considered a transition to another permanent position if this does not result in a change in work functions and/or a change in the important terms of an employment contract. Appeals by parties to collective labour disputes or agreements and recommendations that have been concluded and adopted in the settlement of these disputes are established as minutes by the parties to the dispute, by the conciliation commissions, the Chief Action Unit. Recordings relating to the termination of an employment contract in the service book must be made in accord with the terms and provisions of this code or any other federal law, with reference to the corresponding section or part of that code or any other federal law. Representatives of workers involved in collective bargaining may not be disciplined for the duration of this activity without the prior approval of the agency that authorizes their representation, transferred to another job or dismissed at the employer`s initiative, except in cases where their employment contracts are terminated because they commit a criminal offence under this code which , in accordance with this code, other federal laws, led to their dismissal. Article 73.

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